Monday, 28 November 2016

The beginning

Mr Dunwoody, made me a do a project. Modernize the nativity story. Mr Dunwoody doesn't want to recite the Nativity scene as that is boring according to him he want to do something a bit different. Though not out of the ordinary, as the story is best as it is but want it more engaging so the the children understand it.

I know it sounds impossible, right. Though don't tell Mr Dunwoody that. Though I am writer so I should give it a go. You never know what might happen after drinking hot coco and a mince pie.

Yes, Mr Dunwoody, I understand the undated, modern version of the Nativity story. One the children can understand, in their words. Gotcha. Now when you say updated, do you mean set in modern times? In present day Bethlehem? Well, sir, I can't exactly picture Mary and Joseph toting around with magic wands...I'll see what I can do. Yes Mr. Dunwoody. I'm on it. Goodbyee

OK, let's see... a modern version of the nativity story... "Spice it up. Give it some ommph, some humor. Make it so children will enjoy and understand it!" How hard can it be? I watch it every year without fail. I have good imagination otherwise Mr Dunwoody wouldn't ask me to do it. I should be able to bring this story up to date. Add a little 21st Century into the mix. No problem. OK... Where should I start? Nativity. Hmmm

OK, Mary and the angel. Let's see, the first, the angel tells Mary she will have a baby. Now, in the original the angel visited her in person. How would he tell her today? Would he visit her in person or try another method? How about....

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