Sunday, 27 November 2016

Time for celeration

Can we see time flying? I never have but that could be really interesting

What is time? Time can be about a moment, an occasion, an interval, a season, a measure, a schedule.... the list goes on. 'Time' becomes very precious to us when we are with family and friends, especially if don't see them often.

At Christmas we are grateful for that 'time' to pause reflect and be thankful for what faith means to us. There are a few sentences in the Bible that speak of 'time'. My two favoriute are 'a time to love' and a 'a time for peace'. God wants us to know that He loves and cares for us and that will never change.

Knowing that we are loved by our families, friends and God means so much to us, and this is where peace cab be found. And we all want peace: for our work, our families or simply in ourselves. Peace brings, harmony and freedom from strife, with 'time' to bring joy to our lives.

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