Sunday, 27 November 2016

Christmas advent story calender

It's exciting time. Christmas is upon us. Is just me, though I am getting Christmas songs in my head. Already been playing some of the hymns on my mini keyboard. It's been ages since I played so I am very bad at playing them. But soon the magical Rebecca would be back.

I have been very busy this week though I still had time to do Advent story. It was after the young people evening event at my local church that I thought, I haven't been doing anything creative things this month just been getting through a day. So I thought, December is a time to reflect and think about Jesus. If everything else fails, at least put him in the center of Christmas. So I deiced to do some story telling. I thought If I get all them done, then I plan when to upload them and stick to it. How hard it can be? Staying up all night just to get them done, well not really, I haven't been sleeping very well so done them when I cannot sleep and counting sheep and shepherds.

There is a schedule thing where you can tell blogger to upload the post and time. I'm not good with technology which is very apparent in my story telling.

Though I thought you might want to know when I am uploading my story. Therefore, you are not constantly refreshing your browser or saying this "Oh Rebecca hasn't uploaded anything." By all means, I am not a daily blogger as we learnt last year.

So grab a hot coco and a mince pie and read this story.

I will be uploading the advent stories on these dates without fail.

Monday 28th November
Wednesday 30th November
Friday 2nd December
Sunday 4th December
Monday 5th December
Wednesday 7th December
Friday 9th December
Sunday 11th December
Monday 12th December
Wednesday 14th December
Friday 16th December
Sunday 18th December
Monday 19th December
Wednesday 21st December
Friday 23rd December
Sunday 25th December

See you tomorrow!

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