Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Lots of cooking

This week ended up with a stack of washing up. Thank goodness I own a dishwasher though for some reason I didn't use I just end up making lots of mess and tidying it up.

I thought you might like the clean pile of washing up
I don't know why over a sudden I'm into a mood where I want to cook lots of things and even try something new. I had no friends or relatives over so no entertaining which means no cooking different things or cakes. The main problem was that my folks went away meaning I could to what I wanted to do within reason. Which means I can have carrots and ice cream for dinner! Though I didn't think it was a good meal to have so I decided to use my student cookbook that I got. Which means lots of washing up across the worktop. Though never mention that!

Welsh rarebit
I think the star of the menu this week was the welsh rarebit cheese on toast is my favoruite either for breakfast or lunch. It's quick and easy to make, and so delicious. After some research, it turns out Welsh Rarebit is a specialty recipe for cheese and toast (originally named Welsh rabbit, but probably had a name change to make it a bit more fitting since there's no rabbit in it) Who doesn't like cheese and toast?

Spicy risotto
My other problem is that I haven't been cooking for such a long time. So I flicked through the cookery book and looked at the lovey picture and found a something that I would like to rustle up in the kitchen, Which is the spicy risotto.

Sausage pie
Then I thought well I fancy doing something different but comforting. I decided to make a sausage pie. After all it was a Saturday which means all you want to do is find a recipe which you can eat with just a fork whilst curled up on the sofa and which a good film. Right?

Chocolate cupcakes brownies
Oh and earlier in the week I rustled up a half dozen chocolate brownies cupcakes, which were entirety necessary, I assure you. They used up the remains of some egg whites just perfectly. Plus I really have been craving brownies real ones you know the crispy outsides but insides they are so moist and with some fruit? As if you have fruit in the cakes they count 1 in 5 a day?

Pasta with spicy sausages
I had two sausages left over from Saturday well the other two out of the six went in my spaghetti for a lovely breakfast which kept me through right until my coffee and cake later on the day. So I thought make a spicy pasta with the left over sausages. Which was very yummy and meant that I could read a book while eating.

Misty vegetarian spicy soup and hereby dumplings
I thought before I turn into a sausage, I better cook something else than sausages. I thought about having a vegetarian dishes not because I am one. Just because it's something different. I fancied something warm as it was rather cold but want something to fill me up. I decided to do spicy soup and hereby dumplings. It was extremely spicy I though I picked up a measuring spoon of half teaspoon turns out while I was washing up a half tablespoon. Also don''t stir the soup too much or you will break up the dumplings.

Cauliflower and broccoli cheese
After all I am flexitarian, nope its not a made up word. It is where you or a vegetarian but have days where you like meat. So I cooked cauliflower and broccoli cheese and for some reason the cheese sauce just wasn't thickening. So I phoned for help and while on the phone it manged to thicken up.

Have a hot coco with a cake, it'll make you feel better if you are covering from a cold and if not still have hot coco and cake. And next month is December-it will be snowy. Yes it will. Won't it? Surely?

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