Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas poem

Christmas lights brighten the streets,
Loved up couples drink mulled wine,
I've not got a boyfriend.
Until December I didn't mind.

I've no one to share mince pies with,
No one to buy me a scarf,
No one to drink the Whiskey,
I left for Santa on the hearth.

The songs, the adverts, the films,
Tell me to sit this Christmas out,
You can't be happy on your own,
And that's what it's all about.

Well I don't think that's fair,
I looked the numbers up online,
Single people out weigh the couples,
At this moment in time.

So I won't spend a fortune,
On presents for a man,
Who if I'm really honest,
I'd hate by the end of Jan.
I am single this Christmas. Now before you all think about no I am not sad and no I will not be on my own as I got my parents. Somehow the media portrays Christmas to be celebrated with your boyfriends or even girlfriends. In my thinking it should be reflected back onto Jesus himself and of course with family. Who wants to share mince pies anyways? Not me!! Before you think it about or even say it. NO I DO NOT DRINK!!!!!!! It just when you ask people what they like to drink on Christmas day their answer is Whiskey plus it was to add humour.
With this poem, I thought I can get away with the my slight wobbles in the rhythm here and there because of it's wit and inventiveness.
It's hard to imagine, but the greatest news the world will ever hear is hidden within one scale. This short Christmas video is a heart-warming story of a mother who teaches her son the basics of playing piano. However he finds that learning to play is quite boring until she teaches him an important lesson about history. This touching Christmas video is perfect for sharing through the holiday season.


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