Wednesday, 23 December 2015

I cannot write a poem

 I have to write a poem
It Wednesday, that is why.
Fine, I will write a poem,
But it will have no rhyming unless
  It has dumb rhyming words like ‘cow’

Fine I will write about a cow
But that’s so commonplace
I think it will have to be moo awesome than that
  It’s got to be a cow in a Millennium Falcon

   My cow will need a  lightstaber 
 To hurtle the galaxy so far away
  He would also need to see R4 red
  And R2 blue
  If I was the force,
Then I’d be with you

   Different, we are
 A nerd, I am
Yoda he is!

 I hope you like my tale
“Yoda the cow”
Yes, that’s the poem I will write
   As soon as I learn how, 

The poem says is all really. I am big star wars fan and I watched the Star wars Awakens yesterday with my Grandma, I will not spoil it in case you wanted to see it. Here is a Christmas poem that I have not because I cannot actually write a poem today.

Two letters to Santa

I wrote a letter to Santa
To make sure he would know
It's only two weeks until Christmas,
And we still don't have any snow.

Just didn't want his reindeer
To have to work too hard.
I was afraid they might get stuck
In the mud outside in our yard.

I mailed my letter on Monday,
Only two days ago.
As I dropped it in the mailbox,
It slowly started to snow.

It's been snowing ever since,
More as each day goes by.
I'm getting kind of worried now
That Santa will think I lied.

I'll write another letter,
And mail it off today.
Tell Santa not to worry,
There'll be lots of snow for his sleigh

I read this poem at Family Friend Poems and really wanted to share it with you. If you fancy reading other poems such as this one then check the website out. 

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