Thursday, 31 December 2015

It's that time again to make targets for the year ahead.

Every year comes. People make resolutions. Reason behind that is to either get fit or be happy person really is to make a better person. Aren't they good intentions? It may come across surprising but only 8% actually achieve their New Year's resolution.

Every year I try and cut down on my hot chocolate intake, or how much chocolate I have. Does it work? No not really. It does until February then I revert back to my old ways again. It is easy right.

This year I had an intention to read more, one of my friends and I loved reading but never really had time with the revision we had to do in year 11. To overcome this problem we had set a challenge to read 17 books this year 2015. Drum roll please. The answer is yes we did the challenge. I actually read 18 books. I do not know the exact number my friend read.

Let me guess, you want to lose weight, or maybe just eat healthier. Perhaps you want to spend more time with your friends and family.

I know I do.

Right since you got the your new resolution for 2016. You might be thinking how can I succeed this year? Well read on then.

I  do not like having one resolution for the entire year, I like to have mini targets if I achieve them I get a reward like a book. Yippee! You can also try that. I particular find it helpful to analyze my mini month resolution by asking these questions to myself Why? Why not? working.

I am very competitive person. If you and a friend got a same resolution then compete with each other. If you are keen on running then why not see who can run 5k the fastest? You sure will keep your resolution.

Sometimes changing behavior can be challenging. It’s simple in theory, but when the rubber hits the road, we can easily fall back on old bad habits. Light a fire under your goals to make yourself accountable for what you really want to accomplish.

Consider using negative consequences when you don’t complete the action steps you’ve committed to. I will let you decide on that one.

If you are very busy person or forgetful. Hey, do not point me! What I am trying to say, if you need some thing to nudge you. You can always put a reminder on your smartphone. For example, if you want to start running, You can then always put running in your calendar and set a time. This makes sure you do it and get a rest day in between.

Now you have the key things to accomplish your New Year resolution. You may wish to make your New Year resolution as a target in which case. Read on and I will explain how can you write one that will work!

Specific- The target must be clearly stated, saying exactly what is meant, such as walk for 20 minutes a day for one week. This is clear and cannot be misunderstood or used as an excuse.

Measurable-Is it too vague too say do more exercise, an amount must be stated, therefore you can prove that you have met the target.

Achievable- You must feel it is possible to achieve the target set otherwise you will give up. If someone said they would like to exercise for 4 hours a day is not achievable but 20 minutes a day is reasonable.

Realistic-Target must be realistic, you must be able to do it. It is unrealistic to to expect who is older and not very fit to run for 30 minutes a day, but it is realistic to ask the same of a fit younger person.

Time-related- You should set a deadline set by which you reach the target therefore the progress can be assessed.

I might as well share you my two resolution. Most of you know that I like to run. But only when I would like to. I am going to make running a part of my life. I am training myself to do 5k run in about 20 minutes after I done that. I also want a challenge and going to do 10k run.  Hopefully I can train myself to run 10k before the Yateley 10K run. If you are available to, comment downstairs what is your New Year resolution/

The New Year is a time to hope and dream and to make those dreams a reality, but it takes work. You can set yourself up for success by starting early, setting up realistic action steps, and engaging supportive people so 2016 becomes a year of great accomplishments for you.

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