Sunday, 20 December 2015

Hope is on the way 19: What lame Christmas presents can teach us about Jesus.

Since Elizabeth and Rebekah were off ill for a bit of time. Elizabeth decided to a few more session today on Sunday 20th. Elizabeth got bored when she was off from college and decided to a few planned session. And here is one of them.
I’m sure we’ve all experienced it, that moment when you’ve been given a bad Christmas gift. It could be the horrible sweater your aunt got you with the huge fuzzy cat face on it. Or perhaps it was the time your grandma gave you socks and underwear instead of the headphones you asked for.
There is always that awkward moment when you’re trying to think of something nice to say. You know you need to thank the person that gave you the gift, but how do you do it? How do you thank someone for a horrible sweater without laughing or seeming disappointed. How do you tell grandma thanks for giving you socks and underwear instead of what you really wanted?
This devo offers no good advice on how to fake excitement when you get a less than amazing gift. However, what this devo does offer you is some insight into the best gift ever given, Jesus.
This Christmas season, no matter how bad your aunt messes up your Christmas gift wish list, there are a few things you can be excited for. The main thing to be excited about is Jesus. See God wasn’t like Grandma who gave you what you didn’t want and didn’t need. He gave us the main thing we were lacking, salvation.
God sent his Son into the world. He did not send him to judge the world guilty, but to save the world through him.  – John 3:17 (ERV)[/quote]
God could have judged the world. He could have been a rotten gift giver. He could have told us all the things we have done wrong. He could have reminded us of all the ways we didn’t measure up. However, He didn’t do that. Instead he decided to save us from our sins.
So this Christmas, if your aunt gives you a horrible sweater, or your grandma gives you some stupid socks, remember that God gave you an awesome gift. He saved us from our sins. So, if you’ve never made the decision to accept Jesus into your heart and become a child of God you can. It's easy, just follow this prayer. If you have accepted Jesus, then remember to share Him and His love with others this Holiday season. That way, regardless of the gifts you get, you can enjoy knowing that you’ve been made right with God.

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