Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas scribbles

Merry Christmas! Or shall I say happy new year? So Christmas. Gone as a flash. I got my head down with college work and doing never ending assignments not forgetting hope is on the way. Most of the ones done towards the end was not me that wrote it. Thanks to my wonderful two friends Cherry and Crazy Rachel. Has wrote it for me, all I had to do was upload it.

I was going to upload some Christmas things but never got round to it. So here is your very late post about Christmas decorations.

A big Christmas tree

We got this Christmas tree well more my parents while I was doing my assignment on Saturday 12th December. How I remember that, you might be asking. No! I am afraid to say I am not a genius. Even thought it would be pretty cool to be one though. No quite frankly it was the same day when we had my grandparents over for a little Christmas celebration. I got no photos of this night. Though it was a good evening. 

All three of us helped to decorate this tree. I am no good at taking photos as I forgot to take them. Please do not hire me to take photos.

We had roast beef. I mainly talked to my Mom while she cooking so I have no idea what happened in the living room with Dad and Grandma and Grandad apart from talking. While we were eating our marvellous dinner cooked by my Mom we had music playing. Organized my me with YouTube. If you are still in the mood to sing along with Christmas songs then here is the link. (I hope it works.) Of course we had crackers. For quite some time now, I used to keep the cracker jokes, then remember them and tell them to people. You are glad to know I have not kept them. Still here is one of my cracker jokes. Drum roll please!! What happened when Santa's cat swallowed a ball of wool? It had mittens.Another joke if I may. What goes Oh, Oh, Oh? Santa walking backwards! 

My desk tree

To end our family Christmas celebration. We had coffee and some mint chocolate. Oh, just do not trust my Mom to hold a mint chocolate. Funny enough the mint chocolate disappear. More like my Mom ate it. 

This little pink tree used to be my Mom's so she can get the festive spirit at work. Couple of years ago she did no want it anymore. So I have it on my desk. Least I can get the festive mood while doing my assignments. I do not get hyped up about Christmas. I tend to get really excited about Christmas on Christmas eve! Especially when you can track Santa by using NORAD, this year Google also tracked Santa virtually. One of my friends, no name and shame here. But she asked  Siri this question“Where’s Santa,” she just replies with her standard joke of “The North Pole of course!” 

Our Christmas cards collection on the Christmas door

This is our Christmas door. No its no door that just appears at Christmas. Though that would be awesome. This is where we put our Christmas cards on so we can see them. Your Challenge is to find your Christmas card! Good luck with that. If your Christmas card is not on there then have a look let your eyes peer over here. 

No this is not it. Though just admire the photo. 
Misty photo

If you could not find your Christmas card in the first photo that actually shows the picture then have a look at this photo if you could as this photo does not have a good light. 

Now you have caught up with the Christmas decorations. 

To the lead up towards Christmas you can either call me the Grinch or the Scoorge. I am not all into Christmas. I celebrate it with family and sleep. Of course presents but I do not mind how many presents I got. All I care about is that family come together and the thought behind each present. If they wish to get me something. I do not ask for presents. 

Right, we got a new TV. We had to downgrade to a small one as the either TV decided to not work. So annoying. No more watching the big bang theory. Such a good TV programme. 

You have to wait a bit longer for the Christmas and New year post. 

I am off to watch the big bang theory. 

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