Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The very first Christmas lights and who is your Grinch?

                                                  Red and green, all colors bright
Are a sure sign of Christmas now
It seems we can’t put up enough
To celebrate the season.

Are decorated to the hilt.
We think about the Christmas lights,
At the end of Thanksgiving day.
To the first of all Christmas lights.

God lit up a star, most lovely of all.
To announce our Savior’s birth.
As it shone on the Shepherds there.
To light the way to Baby Jesus,

That star over Bethlehem.
In the light of all lights to shine.
Then a Heavenly chorus of Angels,
While they worshiped the Lord.

The night that Jesus was born.
No decorations we have today could equal
Our windows, doors, and front yards
But, lets look back over two thousand years

Oh ! I wish I could have seen it,
Just to hear and see an Angel,
That was the glorious first Christmas,
That very first Christmas light.

                          Who is your Grinch?

Who is the Grinch trying to steal your Christmas
Who is the Scrooge making you grimace?
Is it the Brother Neal who chooses to ignore?
Is it Uncle Bill who is a bore?
Is it Aunt Sally who insists on ham
Or is it the in-laws who don’t believe in the Lamb

I have a recipe to slay the Grinch
I know how to make him wince
You can do it, yes you can
As long as you follow the plan:

Instead of boxing gloves,
1 Cup of love.
Another Cup of forgiveness
Instead of your fist.
You won’t need a “piece”
If you have 1 Cup of peace
And finally 1 Cup of joy
For any who tend to annoy.
Covering all should be a large helping of grace
Oh, and try to do it with a straight face.

“Impossible” you say!  "I cannot do it."
“You do not know Mr. Schmitt”
He is a beast, a bear, a nincompoop
And Mrs Schmitt’s eyes droop.

But stop! Do not give up
It may not be as easy as a layup, 
But every Grinch will feel out of place
When it sees love, joy, peace, and grace.

Where to find such ingredients, you ask?
How to conquer this incredible task?
Love, joy, peace, and grace are only found
In the One about whom Angels sing with a joyful sound

Allow Him to fill you with what you need
To keep you from making the Grinch bleed.
No, indeed, Grinchs are never beyond
The gift of grace, instead of a bail bond

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