Sunday, 20 December 2015

Hope is on the way 20: Your Rockin' Christmas Checklist

Since Elizabeth and Rebekah were off ill for a bit of time. Elizabeth decided to a few more session today on Sunday 20th. Elizabeth got bored when she was off from college and decided to a few planned session. And here is one of them.

Christmas season is in full swing! Stores are crammed full of people doing their last minute shopping and you’re probably gearing up for all the good food that you’re going to eat in the next few days. Because Christmas is such a busy time, its easy to forget some stuff, so we’ve got a checklist guaranteed to help you get rocking around that Christmas tree!

  • Decide to be happy – Its easy to fall into the habit of unhappiness at Christmas time, and its usually the small things that steal the fun right out of Christmas. It usually starts with simple things, like being jealous about the presents a friend got, or feeling upset because you were forced to go to Aunt Lucy’s house instead of hanging out with your friends. Choose to not let the simple things make you unhappy this Christmas. Decide no matter what to be happy and you’ll be rocking around the Christmas tree in no time!
  • Be thankful – No matter how stinky your Christmas seems, you can always find things to be thankful for. One thing to be thankful for at Christmas is the fact that Jesus came into the world to pay the price for your sins. You’re not getting what you deserve, which was hell. Instead Jesus paid the price for your sins so you can party it up this Christmas season!
  • Remember what Christmas is Really About – There’s usually so much going on at Christmas that sometimes its easy to forget what Christmas is really about…JESUS! Spend some time thinking about what Jesus means to you, and be sure to thank Him for what He’s done in your life.

Keep in mind this Christmas season how awesome Jesus is. Think about all He’s done in your life, and take time to be thankful. If you do, you’ll find that you’ll be rocking around that Christmas tree in no time!

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