Wednesday, 14 December 2016

How would Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem

OK, so Mary is pregnant and just about to give birth. How can they go to Bethlehem safely?

How about an their own private airplane? That won't work as they don't accept Mothers to be unless they are less than 7 months pregnant. Though I wonder if that law would be entitled to Mary if she used a private jet? Who knows. But that won't work.

How about walking? OK, they cannot walk all the way as that is crazy! In fact why I am saying walking is crazy especially when I walked to college to and from. Well it was a sunny day and I wanted to explore Newcastle countryside. But still! That was four miles and Mary would have to walk nearly 100 miles. So you get my point.

I know, a hoverboard. Hang on, that's not invented. Who says it has to be invented? It's a story it can be made up. By no means, is the nativity scene made up though is real. Yes honestly.

We just have to use a donkey then.

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