Sunday, 4 December 2016

Monthly Musings: November

I have straight hair!

Another month zoomed past.

 I looked at my camera and found no pictures been taken nor my phone apart from when I went to Jesmond Dene. So I have to remember what I did. A memory like a gold fish is going to tell you what I have been doing.

This month involved lots of walking, one weekend a trip to Jesmond Dene. (another blog post, one day) Another weekend I had Rachel from Germany over and we had a trip to Durham Dales. It's was very cold though worth it despite walking eight miles. And Rachel as got a photo of me having a chocolate mustache though that won't be in public view. Told you the cold walk was worth it.

I have been doing some magic in the kitchen while my parents went away. I had a dozen of cupcake brownies to myself. Result! Though they did had cherries in, so it did count to my one of a day.

Don't Dad and I look adorable?! (This is what you get when you have Grandad and Mum with her phone)

I had a evening out with my parents and my Granddad at Chiquitos. That meant one thing! You can free sombrero, it counts entertainment if you have two hats on instead of one right? Even better, you have to wear a sombrero and a wholly hat on, on a bus. Now that is what I count entertainment! I didn't even know my Dad put my beanie hat on my sombrero until he looked at me and started laughing. I saw him putting his grandpa hat on top of his sombrero.

I received feedback for my unit one and unit two project and got outstanding. Been watching films as part of my course. Good films and films that is not my cup of tea though it was entertaining.

That has been it. Or shall I say, that is about a goldfish memory can actually remember. Next month would have lots of photos. Hopefully a picture of snow.

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  1. I love Durham Dales, that was such a good walk. No cold though I did had three in one jacket on. I still have a picture with you having a chocolate mustache. I'm sure you will never grow up, Rebecca. Rachel