Monday, 5 December 2016

What would Mary say

Mary says, "Behold the handmaid of the Lord. Be it unto me according to thy word." No that is far to formal that reminds of William Shakespeare yes my dear friend. The way he speaks makes sense. But young people in our society doesn't agree with me. Though the problem with William plays it's a play not a book. You are not meant to read his play it is meant to be watched.

Right back on track, hmmmm let's see. Nowadays Mary would say, "I'm your lady!" Nope that does not sound right and anyhow who speak like that.

How about this, OK, where do I sign? Nope that sounds far to blunt. Don't look like that me, I am not that blunt. I tell what you that is blunt is that knife over there, that I spread butter on my toast for cheese and toast this morning. I thought I would have few days where I don't have any sugar as that might help me make this story more focused and I might be able to think better.

So if where do I sign is to blunt how about bring it! Come on, man! Let's try not to be disrespectful here! How would she accept the idea..........

I cannot stay focused this morning, maybe I should go for a walk. You are more than welcome stay here and make yourself like home. If you like you can go with me.

Oh look at the cows they are so big. Oh no! There are exactly where we want to be. Let's walk back and go home. What you think we should we carry on walking straight ahead where the cows are? That's a stupid idea.

Oh hang on, if it was God's idea than it should happen.

Ah I got it. so Mary should reply back saying this, "Behold God's servant. Let it happen according to his will." Fair enough, probably best not to tamper too much with the original there.

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