Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Just a random update

As I got a few minutes of doing nothing. I thought I got upload something that isn't part of my advent writing. So here you go, I did tell you it was going to be random.

Last Sunday was the third advent. I had a different minister speaking the sermon and we watched a short film of children doing the nativity scene with  different approach where God want a son. And you have a comment that God makes than the children playing different characters and they don't go "they won't expect that!" That was the phrase for the sermon which really made my ears prick up. I started thinking about my personal life. A year back, I was at Farnborough college of technology studying level three health and social care. Now I am at Newcastle college studying digital design. I was expecting that last year. Last year I was living in Olwsmoor surrounded with my close friends. Now i'm in Westerhope not surround with close friends but I'm making wonderful relationships with people i.e. Alex from college. I was expecting that. Then on a public note, we had the EU. Most people thought we would stay in though the outcome was very different. We weren't expecting that. Then you have the US election. Donald was elected. We weren't  expecting that. You think you know what life throws at you. You prepare but something else throws you off guard and you didn't see that coming.

I have no more boxes to unpack. Yeppe! In fact, I was getting fed up leaving my book on the floor and waking up to turn that buzzing alarm off I kept tripping over my book. Least I was awake. So I thought, well no side table. Why not turn a box upside down and use that as a side table? As its a box least you get extra storage. So boxes might be annoying to unpack though at least they have there uses as a side table.

I have watched films. And actually watch them. Not knit while I watch them. Or cross stitch. Actually watch them. OK I watched films at my college. It's part of my college course. How cool is that? I watched Fantastic beasts and where to find them with my parents I truly enjoyed it. I might even watch the new stars wars with my Grandma or with my friends. I'm getting to enjoy watching films just stare at the screen and go on adventure. Normally I get really bored and have to do something to keep watching them. You never know, I might start watching films like I do reading my  books. Though don't bet on it! I love reading.

Right, that is all the time I have. Now I'm going to have a drink of coffee and read my book. Though I won't trip over my book. Not tonight anyhow.

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