Friday, 2 December 2016

The angel greets Mary

Now it's time for the angel to greet Mary.

Angel might wish to say, "Hail, thou art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women." Well first, off, sorry king James, but no one talks like that anymore. We might use the word thou because it’s  in song Be thou my vision. That is probably it and anyhow children don't tend to sing hymns for enjoyment they listen to other music. Oh what it that person called, unless you are 18 and under you might know it? Don't bother even ask me. I think it's Melanie Martinez.

Let's try this, "Hello, Mary you are..... Highly favored?" What would he say today? "Highly favored". Hmmmmm I don't think the young people talk like anymore.

Let's try, "Hello Mary. You are greatly esteemed." No that still doesn't work. Oh come on Rebecca. Try harder. About about "you're just great!" Well no but Mary is great. How about Awesome, young people still do use that right. Seriously do they have their own dictionary or something so adults cannot understand them. It's like they are speaking in a different language. Oh hang on. don't they use that text speech. I remember I have google  the meaning of tbh (to be honest). Don't look at me like that.

So if awesome won't work how about "a cool women." You know get cool for the children. OK, I will get real! At least try to.

Right so far I got. "Hello Mary. You are highly favored." Actually, I kind of like the original. "Highly favored" it is. See I said to you I will get real.

Ok... "Blessed art thou among women." hmmmm

Though the angel just cannot say that. He needs to say something else. How about "you are seriously blessed!" No..... How else can you say it?

Oh, you think the angel should "When it comes to blessings. lady, you take the cake" No I don't like at all.

How about, "among women, you are the cats' meow" Come on, Rebecca, think, think. Think like you are serious.

This has to be it, "Hello, Mary. You are highly favored, and the Lord is with you. You are truly blessed among all women.

Once again the original sounds good to me.


  1. This is much better than last year, despite me writing it. It flows more as it is the same story you are telling us not each day is a different topic all together. Keep on writing! Cherry.

    1. Thanks, Cherry. Glad you enjoyed it. Keep on reading whilst I keep writing.