Friday, 16 December 2016

No room in the Inn

Joseph goes to check on a room at the inn. Let's see what bible says. Bare with me please.

BOO! Gotcha haven't I. Bear goes boo and I said bare. HA! Right back on track, if I eat another cake please tell me to stop otherwise you would receive bad jokes. It a joke or a pun. Oh I don't know. The bible doesn't describe the exchange where Joseph knock to see if the inn's have any room for two people. I guess I'll have to wing it.

Joseh asked an inn keep this question, "hello....are you the inn keeper?"

Well who else would open the inn door, certain not King Herod! Hmmm........well, Mr Dunwoody said to add some humor. Don't look like that at me.  The Christmas cake is still intact. Mum must of hid it so I cannot turn anymore crazy than I am.

Maybe adding some humor here would work? Joseph could of said "We just flew in from Nazareth.....and boys are our arms tired!" No.....that's ridiculous even Ron Wesley would agree with me on that.

How about.............Take my wife please! It's better than the previous idea. Though it is still very rude to the inn keeper if the Manners Man would be very unhappy with me.

Let's get to the point here......are you the Inn Keeper? There we go that is more polite in case it was a one of the guest that opened to the door for Joseph you can not make assumptions. That would lead to you trouble.

Now that the greeting is done. How can Joseph kindly say "I am in need of a room because Mary is having a baby soon." That it, "I'm in desperate need of a room because my deer wife is having a baby." Though Mary wants cable for some reason, best known for herself.  No, that won't work. Just leave it as the question ask it is polite and not to ridiculous.

The Inn keeper replies back to Joseph  with,  "I  wish could help you, sir. But we have no rooms left. Christmas is our busiest time of the year. Unless you have a reservation, you'll have to go elsewhere."

GRRRR! No, no, no! Man, humor just doesn't seem to fit here. I told you adding humor is rather difficult to such a serious story. I told Mr Dunwoody we should of write an advent story with Joseph perspective for adults to read so they can get engaged with the story and the story for children from sheep perspective. That would make sense. Though it is far to late to get another story made. I just have to suck it up and keep going.

Let's try this....... "Well, we have no room in the Inn left, but we do have a stinky barn in the back. £31 a night." That not to bad. It's quite reasonable not like £100 pound a night a hotel charge or even more because it's a Christmas.

Though Joseph thinks the inn keeper thinks (got that) they Joseph and Mary look like Cattle.

It's just not a funny story! How can you take this story and try to make it funny? It's too serious. It's not supposed to be funny. It has to be funny, or children won't read it? Come on, that's not giving today's children any credit. I can keep it serious.

Joseph tells the Inn Keeper this, "Well, can you at least call me a cab?" So the Inn keeper, thought to himself maybe it was harsh to call Joseph and Mary a cattle so he said to Joseph, "'re a cab." GRRRRRR Why does it have to be so hard to write the dialog between Joseph and the Inn Keeper?

Right obliviously I am no good at writing the dialog. Hope your imagination skills are good. Lets test them. Imagine Joseph help Mary walk, as they approach the Inn Keeper. There is no dialog, Joseph "talks" to Inn Keeper, motioning toward Mary. Inn Keeper shakes his head, and points to manager, then leads them over, with arms crossed, shrugs shoulders in a kind of "take it or leave it" gesture. Then the Inn Keeper walks away. Joseph and Mary stand looking at the manger. Mary covers her face and weeps on his shoulder, he consoles her briefly. He helps her sit down.

 Ok, that will work. I like that without dialog. Ok, what's next?

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