Monday, 19 December 2016

Shepherds and Angels

I better give the shepherds names otherwise it get's a bit confusing. So you have three shepherds which are called, Balthazar, Melchior and Caspar.

So after the story with the inn keeper it's the shepherds and angles than come after. But for some reason the sheep fancied being in the story. I know have that song in my head,  'I saw three sheep come sailing in, on Christmas Day, on Christmas Day…'. I will be singing it all day that is if I don't get told to stop singing.

OK, three angel. Now........please bare with me while I just consult the bible.

Boo! Gotcha. You know bear's they play peekapoo with you and I said bare which sounds like bear. Anyhow the bible says, ""And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night."

Balthazar asked the other Shepherds asked the other guys if they counted the sheep yet Though Melchior replied back saying "I keep trying, but I fall asleep every time!" Now that's kind of funny because when you cannot sleep during the night you get told count sheep. You can tell I am having far to much fun writing this?

Balthazar asked the other shepherds this question, "Are you guys ready to cut the wool off the sheep tomorrow?" Melchior replied back saying, "It will be a shear pleasure. Yuk yuk yuk!"  Balthazar said, "anyhow I will be moving the flock in the morning." Melchior said, "So I herd." Get it herd. Fine I will stop doing the puns and jokes. I'm only using them so I can practice for my English as you have use techniques like puns to make the reader enjoy the story better. Fine I will use them less that I am doing.

Caspar said said to the other shepherds this question, "Gentleman, I have a question....." Nope that is far to formal. Too polite. Come on think a little bit informal, Rebecca.

Ah, informal. That is not my cup of tea. But I will try. How about "All right…listen up, bozos…" Nope that is far too harsh. Who uses that as a greeting? I did say speaking informal is not my cup of tea. So don't expect me taking informal. Formal, yes. So, good morning, please to meet you. Is what I would say when I greet people.

Right, so I am getting formal and informal. I just need to think of the three bears. You know the story. The little bear is just right.

Ah, the little bear would say something like this  "Hey guys, can I ask you something?" That's better. We should rely on the little bear more.

Melchior replied back to Caspar with this, "sure what is it?"

Caspar said, "Have you ever an angle before?"

Balthazar said, "No why do you ask?"

Let's see.... in the original, it says "Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people."

Writer: Hmm…let's tidy that up a bit here…

Angel said to the Shepherds, "Relax fellas"

Oops…Took it too far…try it again here…Why do I keep going to far? Any ideas would be appreciated!

How about this, " Don't be afraid…I bring you great news. It will change the world. The Savior has been born tonight in Bethlehem; he is Christ the Lord."

Balthazar said to the angel, "How will we find him?" The angel said, " I'm getting to that part!" People these days, need to patient. Yes that includes you. You just have to wait for another day to see how they find the savior.

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